You are not here to provide some

Status quo, head low, placebo existence.

You see, misfits fit the parts that we didn’t know we were missing.

We’re the ones lingering on hollowed out hearts,

Because that cardiac echo of “let go, let go”

Only needs a fraction of a contraction

To change to “let’s go! Let’s go!”

Because when the puzzle believes

It has conceived of all possible pieces,

When they think they are complete

When my God they are

Replete with ignorance,

We need to show them,

Throw them for a loop,

Stoop kid get off your stoop

Open your eyes to the lies,

We are more than just suits and ties

Or tattoos and knives

We are the young truth called youth.

And we may be a peg leg

But you need us to stand

And we will stand

Hand in hand

Hands reaching into that bleached

Heart of America

Beat the rhythm of our poetry

See your dollar idolatry

Because if we are all truly free

You and me are not some

Nameless and faceless

Denigrated scrap of tasteless


We are the light

The change

The spark

The hope and I hope

You are listening,

Hearing, feeling

The snug fit of

What you didn’t know

You had missed from

This here misfit.


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