It Was a Beautiful Day and Nothing Was Wrong

Smiles nod to one another on the sidewalk

dimpled sunlight filters through polarized lenses

immaculate sundresses swirl a soft susurrus

    swissshhhhh ….    shhhhh


            an infant wails.

Lilting fabric yields forcefully towards the sound

swissshhhhh ….    shhhhh

melodic cooing, and smiles upon a tiny brow

yet still

newborn bawling

a caterwauling,

serenity splitting,


swissshhhhh ….    shhhhh

a tic forms in the passing smiles

the whirling dresses frenzy forward

surrounding the child

swirling crooning

swissshhhhh ….    shhhhh

swissshhhhh ….    shhhhh

swissshhhhh ….    shhhhh

yet ever still

newly minted vocal chords ululate distress

shrieking and wailing

howling unhappiness.

The smiles cease their laxadaiscal meander down the walk

staring, fixated upon the child

faces transfixed in positive grimaces

sunglasses winking merrily in the sunlight.

Inside the encircled smiles

the dresses are now swirling frantically

a frenzy of happy cooing

so fast they move

the air whipping about their hems

then suddenly

swissshhhhh ….    shhhhh.

a heavy, sun-laden silence.

The smiles dissipate, beaming

lacey dresses skim away, spinning whimsically in the breeze

where they depart

a child

skin, pale and cold

lies smiling, eyes blind to the sun staring down.


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