mounds of frozen crystal

mounds of frozen crystal

stymie cities

block production

and induce nocturnal friction

via omnipresent heat ablation.


I love you the way snow falls


I love you the way snow falls

softly, with a quiet murmur

suffused with a gentle rush


I love you the way rain mists

a cooling of the brow

a lightness of being in a

world removed from time

a universe only in our shared breath


I love you the way rain falls

fierce and unrepentant

flooding in its intensity

delicate in its individuality

splashing playfully


I love you like falling from the sky

where you kiss me to the clouds and back

and sighing through the atmosphere

we whirl down together in

half-cuddle half-dance


Falling in love with you

is as easy as letting go.

Salt and snow

Summer, 1990.  

Gold sets a river in North Carolina afire.

Writhing joyously in the flame,

a thousand ephemeral vapors transcend

rising rising

whispy tendrils reach, embrace, and dissipate.

But I, I found my way to the heavens

And that which is me

crystallized around my core

tenuously blossoming until

diamond bifurcations burst

into stunning symmetry.

I surrendered to the seraphim stratosphere

and reveled in gravity’s caress.

Falling is flying when you’ve never touched ground.

So it was clearly fate

when I suddenly stopped

and you were there.

Crystalline and kindred

rough and resplendent

you, you melted me.

I taste salt.