The day after International Women’s Day, I wanted to reflect on why the gender divide is still so monumental. ┬áHere are some of my thoughts:

I think chauvinism is insecurity dressed in hostilities:

the patriarchy were told they were sissies

and if for a second tears revealed the histories of emotion

written deep into skin, but hidden from sun,

trucculent emotions that sway not to the natural

ebb and flow of karmic miasma we call this world –

we brand them NOT MEN.

This is not to say they are deserving of respect

for denigrating the other sex.

Rather, if we are to move forward

in that vague positive direction that

really could be leeward or starboard

or up or down

but in reality is that wonderful place where we




If we can reach human empathy,

why, that would be something to see.